For Education Without Walls, we believe unfair disadvantages — especially those associated with a teenager’s socioeconomic circumstances — shouldn’t have to be part of determining one’s future, nor should they dampen a motivated teen’s adventurous spirit. Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest.

Please contact us at (910) 399-8090, or email Celine Adair, our executive director, at with any questions.

They’re motivated, and they have significant financial needs.


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Due to our limited scholarship funds, there are deserving students who don’t get to participate in our program. Please consider supporting deserving yet underserved and at-risk youth who simply want to improve their position in life.

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Since its incubation by The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education, Education Without Walls has been a lifeline for motivated teens with significant financial needs. And as you can see, nearly all funds donated to our not-for-profit organization go directly toward scholarships that allow our students to grow and benefit in ways once thought unimaginable for this very population.  

Through the power of the wilderness and the wonders of learning, Education Without Walls transforms lives. 


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Donating


While we’re very lucky to have an amazing team in place, we sometimes need additional support. Call us at (910) 399-8090 to learn about volunteering.

Volunteer Your Time

Planned giving allows you to make a donation to Education Without Walls that is mutually beneficial. And it’s a way of giving that ensures tomorrow’s motivated teens are accounted for.

Planned Giving

By making your gift with highly appreciated stock rather than cash, you may save the capital gains tax that a sale would precipitate — in addition to receiving your tax donation!

Stock Transfers

Rather than toss out your used outdoor gear, office equipment, electronics, and slightly bruised whatever-you-haves, consider donating them to us. Pick up the phone and call — we’re available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET — at (910) 399-8090.

Gifts in Kind

Your gift makes personal growth and development — and year-round academic and life skill guidance for motivated teens with financial needs — more than just possible. It makes it happen! Start your giving today by:

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Working with us to help finance an Education Without Walls expedition is a great way to give back and receive national media attention for your business or cause. Our team of course designers, outdoor educators and guides, as well as our media-savvy marketers, would love to work with you or your business or brand to make one of our teen adventures available for a special group of deserving and enthusiastic teens. Give us a call today at (910) 515-9157 to start the conversation!

Consider underwriting the cost of a backcountry expedition.


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(910) 515-9157

Give us a shout. Hover your mouse or finger over “Contact Form” below to drop us a note. Or send us an e-mail message using the address below. Old-fashioned phone calls work too!

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